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About Us


Our team’s mission is to achieve wealth and balance in the four pillars of wellness- Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual. We understand that each aspect fuels the other and is deeply connected. We value honesty, integrity and interdependence. These values are displayed in our people, processes and products.
The goal of achieving wealth and balance inspires us to share our journey with the world. We care deeply about the outputs of our company and the impact it has on our family, friends and fellow patrons. That’s why we rigorously test our products, carefully vet our content, and relentlessly focus on the wellbeing of our customers.
We are located in Atlanta, GA where we have a large network of growth-minded humans. Atlanta is a melting pot that brings together cultures of all types. We do our best to impact our local community to help others live with more freedom and prosperity.
NuRich is known for being a family. We are grateful to have a team of best friends. Because of this, we are a top company to work for in Atlanta, attracting talent across the world.
Thanks for checking us out,
The NuRich Team