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Affiliate Program

NuRich Affiliate Marketing Program

We'll keep you're drink cool in the sun and warm in the shade. We'll keep you hydrated no matter if you're playing an intense game of volleyball, on the slopes, or playing fetch with your pup. No worries, fell free to go on a hike, take a nap, and 5 hours later you still have an ice cold refreshing drink for you and your dog to share. If you're a morning tea person, warm it up and take it to enjoy on the chairlift to the snowy peaks. Grab a few to take your kids soccer practice and surprise them with cold water to re-energize them back into the game. We aren't just here for the ride, we're here to inspire.

No Matter who you are you can make the world a better place while earning a commission!

Why join our affiliate program?

  • 5% Commission for every sale

  • Earn higher commission % the more you sell
  • Rapidly growing brand in the world
  • Loyal customer base
  • Receive your own unique code to offer discounts
  • Sharing your aspirations inspire people to make the world a better place

Ways To Apply:

  • Send an e-mail with the subject line "Marketing Affiliate" and your contact info to info@LiveNuRich.Com
  • DM us @LiveNuRich