Why You Need A HSA

Why You Need A HSA

Most companies provide an HSA for their employees, but you never take advantage of it. Mainly because you think you don't need it or they never tell you about it.

Let me explain why you need it.

The great thing about an HSA is that it is pre-tax. What this means, is whatever you contribute to this account is tax free.

This is why the government puts a cap on it.... like anything that is beneficial to you.

The maximum you can contribute to that account in 2018 is shown below:

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 10.40.41 PM

You're still probably thinking... Why would I need this?

Here's why:


As I've already said, it's tax free. So, you're already gained 25% of your money back by avoiding that.

The biggest reason is there is a HUGE tax loophole here.

Not only do you save on taxes, but you are able to rollover this account into a brokerage account like E*Trade or Fidelity. Then you can invest it.

You're welcome.



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