What is Fractional Reserve Banking

What is Fractional Reserve Banking

This is the most boring topic to cover, and rarely do people know what this is.

Once, you understand how Fractional Reserve Banking you will also learn how the Federal Reserve controls the money supply and the US government was never designed to get out of debt.

In order for the Private Federal Reserve to issue money it issues two things:

You can click on the links to learn more about what those are and even how to invest in them.

This topic is much easier to understand by watching a video because there are so many numbers involved. Ignore the description of the video or the point of it. Although it does a great job of explaining how the US economy works.


If you watch the entire video you can also learn more on the following topics:

I've included a few quotes below to show you people that have known what the banking system does, but continue to get away with it.


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