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The Top 3 Paying Saving Accounts

Posted by Ky Spector on

Hey Everyone,

This article may be useful for anyone from a beginner investor, and it stops right before the guy that thinks the best way to save money is by keeping it under your mattress. So, if you don't believe in savings accounts this might not be for you.

Now, for everyone else.

When trying to diversify your portfolio it is always important to still keep a Cash Reserve, or "savings".

If I asked most of you where you keep it.... You'd say a savings account at the bank.

Why? Most of you don't know and I won't go into detail, but it's FDIC Insured. This is just a fancy name telling you it's backed by the government.

So why am I telling you this?

Well here's what you might not know. When you keep your money in a savings account, the bank pays you interest for keeping it there. The reason you don't know or think about it, is the interest rate is so small that you don't even realize it.

Which leads me to the point of this article.

There is a new way to keep your money as safe as it is in a savings account, AND earn on average 5X times more or a 1.24% higher interest rate.

Just see for yourself.


They call it a "High-Yield" Savings Account. The best part is these are still FDIC Insured just like your bank right now.

Let me break this down for you in case you're a visual learner.

Let's say you are just now starting to save and choose a high yield savings account with only $1,000 and decided you would deposit $100 every month for 10 Years.

Here is what you would make on average in a "High-Yield" Savings Account Vs. a "Traditional" Savings Account.

You would earn almost 5X times the amount keeping it in a High-Yield vs. keeping it in your traditional bank.

Are you going to become rich? Probably not, but it's an easy and safe way to start.


Here are the top 3 paying High-Yield Saving Accounts, and YES they FDIC Insured.



  • 1.55% Annual Percentage Yield
  • $100 Minimum to Open




  • 1.30% Annual Percentage Yield
  • $10,000 Minimum to Open




  • 1.40% Annual Percentage Yield
  • $1.00 Minimum to Open



Take a look for yourself.


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