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Importance of Cold Therapy as a Daily Habit

Posted by Nick Velardi on

Cold therapy, also known as Cryotherapy, is a form of recovery that has been known and researched for generations. It is the idea that we benefit from cold temperatures in various ways. 

When it comes to muscle repair, cold temperature is imperative for quick and meaningful recovery. When applied consistently, it can influence your performance positively and reduce the risk of injury significantly. 

For those who are not as active in the gym, but also experience pain and chronic inflammation, cold therapy can be useful too. 

Here are the key benefits:

1. Faster Metabolism

2. Reduction in Inflammation, Soreness, and Swelling

3. Improved Quality of Sleep

4. More Focus

5. Improved Immune Response

As you can see, the benefits are compelling and can drastically enhance your overall health. The next question is- how does one apply cold therapy in a practical manner?

Glad you asked. 

There are numerous ways to incorporate cold therapy into your daily routine:

1. Transitioning your showers from hot to cold is a simple, accessible method. 

2. Take ice baths consistently. I recommend buying 2-3 large glass containers (like Pellegrino or Perrier waters), filling them up with water once finished, freezing them, then placing them in a bathtub filled with cold water. This will help you avoid having to buy ice or wait for it in an ice machine. You can also reuse these containers as many times as you'd like. 

3. Explore cryotherapy tools. The cryosphere provides deep tissue relief when applied to muscles. It contains a small, metal roller ball that you freeze. Once frozen, you roll out your muscles with it- giving you massage and cold therapy benefits. Check out ours here if you're interested!

4. Sign up for Cryotherapy memberships. If you enjoy the community aspect of common health interests, there are many local cryotherapy centers to visit. 

Overall, cold therapy deserves a slot in everyone's daily habits. If it was as common as brushing one's teeth, we'd have healthier humans among us. Start practicing it yourself and inspire those to practice around you. 

To your Health,

Nick from NuRich


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