Ideas to Maintain, Grow and Invest in Relationships During Quarantine

Ideas to Maintain, Grow and Invest in Relationships During Quarantine

"The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of your relationships."

Relationships come in many shapes and forms. Each relationship is different and valuable in its own way. We have many networks of relationships like family, friends, coworkers and community members. How does one keep up with all of them during a quarantine?

One fact is certain- If you are a human being, healthy relationships are essential to your happiness. 

Humans evolved to cooperate, survive and achieve together. We are deeply connected in our every-day lives. Think about how you obtain food, shelter or even clean water today. It is through a massive, unique web of organization and exchange amongst humans. 

Not only is the present in our physical worlds, but it's also present in our emotional and mental worlds. Connection to other humans is imperative to our well-being. We suffer if we spend long periods of time alone. We are built to serve and contribute to each other. We even have pleasure chemicals in our brain to reward us for this type of behavior such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin.

What this blog post intends to do is give you 3 actionable tips to invest in your relationships while distant or even quarantined for that matter. 

Idea #1:

Identify & Prioritize Key Relationships

This can be done by understanding who you have been communicating with frequently and less frequently. For example- I value my family relationships the most. I have not had the chance to connect with my grandparents in a while, so I made it a point to call them every other Sunday. The time is blocked on my calendar so I do not forget.

Idea #2: 

Utilize Technology & Common Interests

My friend group utilizes FaceTime to communicate with each other. It allows us to feel more connected because it is more engaging than text or call. Other tools you can use are video conferencing platforms like Zoom. One of our friends is a personal trainer, she planned group class via Zoom. This gives us the opportunity to spend time together around a common interest, virtually. I definitely recommend this even if you're just signing up for a class together! Living in a high tech world gives us access to connecting any time and anywhere, on a variety of platforms. Use them. 

Idea #3

Be Present At Home

Quarantines or extended time at home is a tremendous opportunity to be present and connect deeper with loved ones. College students are returning home and have not seen their families. 9-5 commuters are gifted more time with their kids, spouses, or roommates. Now is the time to serve, listen and be present with these loved ones. We often take for granted this time. This action helps you get the most out of each moment.

Events that happen outside of our control will cause us to either rise up or fall down. Those that rise up focus on what they can control. You control the effort towards relationships. You control your presence with others. You control making the most of each moment. Turning to your investment in relationships is always useful during times of uncertainty. 

Wishing good health to all.

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