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At Home Push Up Workout - Card Game

Posted by Ky Spector on

Push Up Workout – Card Game


Being a person who only worked out at the gym, this quarantine has been a challenging experience. Not, the most knowledgeable about Calisthenic workouts. Without weights I am almost completely lost.


My roommate introduced a card game that involves various ways to play, but consists of drawing a card and having to do that many pushups.


How to Play:

  • Take turns drawing a card.
    • Do as many pushups as the card indicates

**All face cards are 10 including Aces**


It is a fun way to get a quick workout in and you can do it with multiple people.

We have even added another level of difficulty, and got this pushup board which allows us to focus our workout on more specific body parts



This push up board has been a game changer. It allows us to workout our back, shoulders, chest, and triceps.

Try it out and let us know your thoughts.

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