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Win The Morning, Win The Day

Posted by Ky Spector on

Working from home has always been a goal, but now that it’s here its proving to be more challenging than previously anticipated. Now, there’s no worrying about traffic, what to wear, forgetting lunch, or bumping into a co-worker at the coffee machine. Instead, we must worry about staying productive for as long if not longer than you did at the office. This means having to constantly avoid all interruptions like Television, pets, and a personal favorite TikTok. As, we’re learning to adapt to the new changes here are some things that seem to have a large impact on the productivity of the day.


The First 30 Minutes Are the Most Important

Waking up is the hardest part. It never feels easier to hit snooze than those first waking sounds coming from your phone. While the snooze button doesn’t always escape me, here are some things to consider practicing that have proven to be successful and I continue working into my routine


  • Wake Up – First 5 Minutes
    • Immediately grab my full 18oz water bottle filled the night prior and chug the entire thing.
  • Body Warmup – 10 Minutes
    • Some type of body warmup is essential to getting out of that early grog feeling. A combination of these are acceptable.
      • Sit-ups
      • Pushups
      • Stretch
      • Deep Breathing
  • Mental Warmup – 10 Minutes
    • My mental mood plays a huge role on how focused I am throughout the day. It’s important to only have positive strong thoughts for the Reticular Activating System, the part of your brain that reinforces your thoughts with Confirmation Bias.
    • These get shuffled in and out of my routines based on different times in my life.
      • Meditation
      • Read My Affirmations
        • Say 3 things I’m grateful for
        • Say 3 people I’m thank for
        • Say 3 things I want to make happen today
      • Read Private Mantra
        • Something I wrote to myself five years from now
  • Make Your Bed – 5 Minutes
    • I find it highly important to start my day off with a win or an accomplishment again to reinforce my confirmation bias. Plus, it’s easier to avoid running back there throughout the day if it’s perfectly made.

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